The Hasten System

The features on the Hasten System serve a variety of purposes and are clearly labeled to make for an easy operating experience. Through these you can feel assured that help is readily available at the push of a button.

Personal Medallion Transmitter
Our personal medallion transmitters are portable devices that can activate the emergency call system. These small, lightweight devices have a bracelet attached and are easy to carry around the house.

Auto Dialing/Auto Answer
The auto dialing ensures the transmission of your call to 911 operators. The auto answer allows for hands-free communication with operators.

Smoke Detector
We offer smoke detectors that are integrated with your Hasten System. Through this, emergency dispatchers are immediately notified when smoke is detected in your home. By having 24 hour smoke detector monitoring, you may get substantial savings on your home owners insurance.

Remote Activation of Speaker Phone
You may not always be able to speak directly into the microphone in the heat of an emergency. Our speaker phone option can easily be activated so that you can speak with dispatchers anywhere in your home.

High Sensitivity Microphone
Our highly sensitive microphone allows for multi-room coverage.

Volume Control
On the back of the system you will find a knob that can adjust speaker volume to your preferences.

Low Voltage
Our systems are low voltage, minimizing the risk of shock and potential fire hazards.