About Us

about_hastenSo you may be asking yourself, “why HASTEN?” Well, HASTEN stands for Health and Security Telephone Emergency Network. Through the years we have provided a blanket of comfort to our customers. Our local support teams offer reliable service that is accessible at all hours of the day to ensure your loved ones well-being. We understand that the safety of you and your family is paramount and we pride ourselves in providing that sense of security. We make it possible for those individuals who are eager to maintain self-sufficiency to live independently.

The HASTEN System provides services that are tailored to save you money. The affordable system we offer can have a huge impact on your potential savings, like lowering the rates on your home owners insurance or resolving medical emergencies early on to prevent costly hospital bills. Most importantly, we believe that you can’t put a price on the feelings of safety and comfort the HASTEN Help System provides for your family.